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Updated: 2014-11-25: Interview Gustafsson & Johnson
In this post i collect material i read about Alexander ”The Mauler” Gustafsson on internet.
Fight before UFC, shootfighting and amature boxing. Also highlight from his UFC fights.
I try to collect the material in time order, newes first.

2014-04-29 Daniel Cormier about Alexander Gustafsson’s chances against Jon Jones . And his chance at a title match . From MMA Hour , Cormier :
”I’ve waited long enough . This will be my fifth top- 10 win , and I’m not fighting anyone else . I’m going to sit and wait and get better , and I’m going to wait to fight Jon Jones . , If it took nine months , I’d wait nine months . it’s time for me to fight for the belt .

It’s not that I’m afraid I’ll lose to any of these guys , because i do not believe that. I think I can beat them all . I just think That at a point, you have to make a stand about what’s important for me . Eventually one of these guys is going to take me to the edge and make me have to fight. Dan Henderson could Potentially be that guy .

No chance . Let me rephrase that. I’m not saying he does not have a chance . I’m just saying That if I had to bet my money, or if I asked 10 people who wins this fight, nine out of Those 10 people would say Jon Jones , Because honestly, I believe That he’s better Because he has more tools .

When you look at Jon on paper against a lot of people, he seems to match up well against every single one of us . He seems to holds the advantages against every single one of us . It’s the intangibles . It’s the Things That you can not measure on a piece of paper That it ’s going to take to beat Jon Jones – the Things That I believe I hold in spades . ”

2014-04-28: Alexander Gustafsson about Jon Jones win against Glover Texieira:
”The match went exactly as I predicted. Though Jones won convincingly, I am not at all impressed., We did not see anything spectacular. Jones did exactly what was required to win the match.”

2014-04-27: Dana White: Gustafsson’s the next fight against Jones. We got to see how That plays out. I do not know how Physically Jones is right now. He just went five hard rounds with a guy who hits hard. He (Jones) looked good, but we will see how he feels.

2014-03-26: From MMA Junkie: Gustafsson thinks Jones don´t want to fight him.

In my mind, Jones is doing everything he can to not fight me. He doesn’t want to fight me. So I think he’s trying to mix things up. But the only fight that makes sense for me right now is if he wins against Teixeira, is me fighting him.

I’d probably fight someone else, then. I’m a fighter and I want to fight. Basically, if Jones beats Teixeira, I want that title shot right away. If he doesn’t win (and they give him a rematch), then I’ll have to look at other possibilities. But I’m fighting whoever they gave me. That’s just the way I am

2014-01-09: I have been bad at updating but here it is.
Aleander Gustafsson is nominated in the following catagories in the MMA award 7th february 2014:
– Iternational fighter of the year
– Fight of the year (togheter with Jon Jones)
UFC listar de 50 största händelserna under 2013.
På den 2 plast av de 50 största händelserna 2013 finns Alexander ”The Mauler” Gustafsson.
Om den andra största händelsen inom mma 2013
” Jon Jones defended his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson in a “Fight of the Year” candidate five-round war in Toronto that left Jones bloodied and battered. Many thought Gustafsson did enough to win the fight.”
2013-12-20: UFC Tonight, Unanimous Decision: Fight of the year. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson
First pic on Alexander Gustafsson in EA Sports UFC 2014

Jon ”Bone” Jones seems a little troubled over to Alexander Gustafsson is around the corner, waiting for the rematch.
From a recent interview.

”“I think the UFC really wants to see me and Alexander Gustafsson rematch really bad, and they really gave him a really easy path back to the belt,” Jones said. “Without being disrespectful to Jimi, Jimi’s not a top 10 fighter, so I don’t see how you’re going to fight a guy not in the top 10 to get another world championship fight. It just doesn’t make sense.””

2013-10-11: Not Alexander Gustafsson but Rasad Evans
Dana Whites Vlog, behind the scenes Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson fight
Jones and Gustafsson appears 5.15 min into the clip.
UFC cribs versio where you acn se how a fighter lives.
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Vem möter Alex The Mauler Gustafsson härnäst?

När är det klart vem det blir! Se länk / Now it’s decided who he is fighting
(Bildpå Chael Sonnen)
Först ett roligt inläg av Chal Sonnen ang. Lil Nogs avhopp.
Ursprungligen postat av Chael Sonnen
”Lil Nog: the only man who has ’no-showed’ more times than Axl Rose.

He fights less than Ghandi

FOR SALE: MMA GLOVES Never used. Contact Lil’ Nog, 1 Fragile Chicken Road, No-Show, Brazil

He signs his contracts in disappearing ink

He gets hurt more than Johnny Knoxville

Too bad he can’t list his profession as ”Fight Avoider” on his tax return

Maybe Dos Santos can lend Lil Nog his heart while his face heals

He’s the ”Carmen Sandiego” of MMA

Instead of a contract, Joe Silva faxes him a Missing Person’s Report

it’s Halloween. Lil’ Nog went as a FIGHTER

But he didn’t fool anybody and got no candy”

Ett förhandstips är att det blir Gegard Mousasi som han igentligen skulle mött i Globen 2013 då Ilir Latifi klev in istället.
Eller Rashad Evans om han vinner sin nästa match mot Chael Sonnen.
Ahh nu kommer jag på många han kan möta. Kan kanske även vara så att han Vitor Belfort om han vinner mot Dan Henderson. Vitor Belfort har sina 13 senast matcher vunnit 10 av dom (om han vinner). Förlusterna har då bara varit titelmatcher mot Jon Jones och Anderson Silva, och dom är det inte många som slår. Ja och förlusten, den första i raden av 13 mot just Dan heanderson.
Dock så har Vitor Belfort senaste matcher varit i mellanvikten. Vi får se…
Här även varit mytcket snack om Daniel ”DC” Cormier, dock så tror jag att DC får gå mot någon lägre rankad innan han får möta Alex. Kanske också för att ”spara” honom till en ny titelmatch mot Jones om Alexander Gustafsson skulle förlora sin nästa match.

English / Engelska

A preliminary advice is that it is fighting Gegard Mousasi as he should have fight at the Globe Arena (Stockholm) 2013 when Ilir Latifi stepped in instead.
Or Rashad Evans if he wins his next fight against Chael Sonnen.

Ahh, now I am thinking of many he may face. Could maybe also be that he will fight Vitor Belfort if he wins against Dan Henderson. Vitor Belfort has his last 13 matches winning 10 of them (if he wins). The losses have since been only title matches against Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, and there are not som many that beats those two guys. Yes and the loss, the first in a line of 13 to just Dan heanderson.
However, as has Vitor Belfort last matches were in middle weight. We’ll see …

Many people talk about Daniel ”DC” Cormier, however, I think DC may go to any lower ranked before he gets to meet Alex. Perhaps also to ”save” him a new title bout against Jones on Alexander Gustafsson would lose his next fight.